World Financial Group Inc is unique insurance and financial services company that provides people from all walks of life in North America with the opportunity to achieve their financial and career goals. Whether it’s helping clients build a brighter financial future for their families or offering individuals and couples the ability to own their own business, there are many opportunities available with this company. But according to Chairman’s Council Member Ed Mylett, achieving the maximum benefits from these opportunities is only possible for those who are able to dream big.

In a recently published article online, Mylett quotes some of the greatest thinkers of Western history to back up his assertions about the power of imagination in business, finance, and life in general. He quotes Einstein’s idea that imagination is more powerful than knowledge, and even refers to Shakespeare, asserting that suspending disbelief is a necessary part of achieving one’s dreams. When people are watching a play or a movie, they are able to suspend disbelief, and Mylett suggests that the same is necessary in order to use our imaginations to benefit us in whatever dreams we want to achieve.

Mylett claims that imagination has been his biggest ally in his career with World Financial Group Inc, and that it can be the same motivator for anyone who has big dreams to fulfill. He also warns against spending too much time wasting your imagination on the things you’re afraid of or the big goals that you believe you can’t accomplish. According to Mylett and many other positive thinkers, this kind of negative thinking is bound to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you focus on what you don’t want or what you are afraid of, those negative things are more than likely going to manifest themselves in your life.

So instead of living in fear, conforming to the crowd, and giving in to the pressures of everyday life, Mylett says it is necessary to leave conformist thinking and negative outlooks behind. He believes being a trailblazer requires a certain frame of mind – it isn’t just luck. It requires forgetting about what others think of you and whether they approve of what you’re doing, and leading those who are ready to leave their conformist thinking behind in your dreams of achieving greatness. This is how he says he has been so successful business, and it sounds like a recipe for success in life.